Harrison Elementary PTA

Support Through Kroger Communty Rewards

  Register online at:  krogercommunityrewards.com

  1. Utilizing your Kroger Plus Card sign in information (i.e email/password connected with Kroger Plus Card) you may connect your plus card with community rewards.  If you haven't registered your Kroger Plus card or need one, you may create one now via link above.
  2. Enter NPO (Non-Profit Organization) # (75961) or Harrison Elementary PTA.  Select organization & click on confirm.
  3. Please note, once YOU, Famly, Friends are registered it may take 7-10 days for your participation to show upon reciepts. Once officially linked, it will appear toward the bottom of your receipt, "2015-2016 Kroger Community Rewards.  You requested Kroger to donate to Harrison Elementary PTA."  If after 10 days, your participation is not noted on receipt, PLEASE stop @ Kroger Customer Service desk.
  4. Once YOU sign up & SHOP, Kroger will donate 4% to the Harrison Elementary PTA.



Mr. Bundy's

5th Grade Homeroom!!

for turning in the most receipts by October 1st!