Harrison Elementary PTA

              Trash for Cash

Monthly Homeroom Winner!

                 2015-2016:  Trash for Cash War!

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Mrs. Weiss's Homeroom with 286 




Mrs. Conley's Homeroom with 272 





Mrs. Dennett's Homeroom w/253 





A BIG THANKS to ALL who turned in your Trash for Cash (BoxTops, Campbell Labels, Tyson A+ labels & Coke caps).  

**Monthly winner to be determined, upon  last Thursday of the month's collection**

2015-2016 Trash for Cash War:

September:  Ms. Detling's Class w/1,153, Mrs. Issler's Class with 966

October:  Mrs. Earehart:   & Mrs Vinel:

November:  Mrs. Beidelman w/ 451, Mr. Clark, Mrs. Weiss, &                                   Mrs. Bamberger 320

December:  Mrs. Heimkreiter's w/ 265,  Mrs. Johnson w/ 261,                                 Mr.Clark w/ 176

January:  Mrs. Bosl w/ 426, Mrs. Earehart w/383, Mrs. Hueber 373

February:  Mrs. Weiss w/ 453 & Mr. Bundy w/ 309

March:  Mrs. Weiss's Homeroom w/ 286, Mrs. Conley's Homeroom                  w/272, Mrs. Dennett's Homeroom w/253